The world’s leading technology company has turned its route to Turkey

Turkey aims to increase the cloud computing usage rate to a minimum of 60% for medium and large-scale enterprises in 2025. This determination also gives the green light to the world’s leading technology companies. Finally, Zoho, which offers cloud solutions to more than 190 countries of the world, announced that it has decided to increase its effectiveness in the Turkish market.

Our country’s determination in digital transformation and its ability to adopt new technologies attract the attention of technology companies in the international arena. Finally, Zoho, one of the world’s leading technology companies, announced that it has decided to turn its route to Turkey. Offering cloud solutions for all fields of activity of companies with more than 50 products, especially CRM, and standing out with its benefit/cost advantage, Zoho has decided to increase its activities in Turkey.

Explaining the rationale behind this decision, Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director of Zoho Europe, said, “In the last few years, the number of customers who use our products in Turkey and find it worth investing in has increased rapidly. Businesses in Turkey are rapidly moving to the cloud, and Zoho’s wide product range and flexible licensing models. “It offers the most suitable technological infrastructure for many companies. This acceleration enabled Zoho to step up as a reliable business partner in the Turkish market,” he said.

Turkey’s digital mobility is well above the targets

Stating that Turkey’s digital transformation targets were also effective in their decision, Sridhar Iyengar said, “It is aimed that at least 60% of companies in Turkey will digitize their business processes by 2025. When we look at today’s table, we see that only 40% of companies with 250 or more employees step into digital transformation processes. The observations we have made in the Turkish market so far are that the digital mobility in the country is strong enough to raise these rates much higher. For this reason, as a cloud solution provider trusted by businesses in Turkey for a long time, we now want to fulfill our responsibility and support all professional structures that will make Turkey reach its goals.”

Experience of more than 60 million users in 90 countries will be presented to Turkish companies

Zoho Europe Marketing Manager Suvish Viswanathan explained their targets in the Turkish market as follows: “With our 15 offices and 9 thousand employees around the world, we serve more than 60 million users in total. In Turkey, we stand out with our sales and marketing tools that are ‘price-performance’ products without binding contracts. . Zoho One, the operating system that enables all companies independent of the industry to be managed effectively and offers more than 40 solutions from a simplified interface, and our CRM solution, which optimizes customer satisfaction with a customer relationship management in line with the requirements of the era, are among these. It offers many advantages such as easy integration, flexible pricing, customization, global and local support, access from all devices including IOS and Android. Our ecosystem is growing rapidly with our business partners such as Cloudyflex, which has been offering Zoho products to the market in Turkey for more than 8 years. On the other hand, we are constantly strengthening our ties with our user community, business partners and customers in Turkey with events such as Zoho MeetUps. We will continue to support businesses that will transition to cloud-based applications in Turkey for the first time with the effect of the pandemic, to take the right steps in this journey with our business partners, and we will continue to walk beside them not only as a solution provider but also as an educator.”

The digitalization projection for 2025 is exciting

The digital transformation, which has accelerated with the pandemic in Turkey, continues its momentum. According to the “Turkey on the Road to Digitalization 2021 Report” prepared by KPMG, six out of every 10 companies in Turkey use more than one smart automation technology. 67% of Turkish CEOs say that they will continue to use and develop the digital collaboration tools they have started to use. Looking at the distribution of smart automation expenditures, finance and accounting rank first with $52.5 million, followed by audit and control, industry-specific solutions, information technologies, supply chain and human resources. In 2025, it is aimed to increase the cloud computing usage rates to a minimum of 60% for medium and large enterprises.

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