Thermaltake Introduced the Player’s Table Value of 7,250 TL

When we say player computer, player equipment, player chair, the industry has finally put the player table in front of us. Developed by Thermaltake, the Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Table offers an environment that they cannot imagine for those who do not get bored of playing games for hours.


First of all, to talk about its ‘main function’; Thermaltake Battlestation is a table measuring 165×75 centimeters with a carrying capacity of 150 kilograms. Considering its dimensions and carrying capacity, we can say that you can easily fit a gaming computer, monitor, player equipment and a large pot of tea on it.

The main feature that makes Thermaltake Battlestation a gaming desk is that it is a huge mousepad as well as a desk. This huge mousepad can be removed for cleaning or other needs. The mousepad is made of a special rubber material so that it is durable and does not slip on the table.


When it comes to a product with the title of ‘player’, it is impossible not to mention RGB lighting. This product also has a large RGB lighting. The table, which has 20 customizable RGB zones and 8 dynamic RGB settings, can work in harmony with Thermaltake RGB Plus products.

The most important feature of Thermaltake Battlestation in terms of comfort is that it has an electric motor structure that can rise and fall between 70 centimeters and 110 centimeters. You can adjust the height according to your own comfort by using the digital indicator and buttons on the table.


We are convinced that the Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk is a real gaming desk. So how much do we have to pay to get such a table? The price is exactly 1.200 dollars, ie 7.250 TL, excluding the shipping fee. Considering that many gamer computers are cheaper than this price, we can say that it is not suitable for every budget.

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