This Is What Minecraft Looks Like With Ray Tracing

Although Minecraft has lost some of its popularity recently, it continues on its way with a serious game audience with the huge world and tremendous creative power it offers to the players. Minecraft has never been a game that stands out for its graphics, but Ray Tracing technology ensures that even Minecraft has amazing graphics. In the video below shared by


Digital Foundry, Alex Battaglia and John Linneman reveal the graphical differences between Minecraft with Ray Tracing activated in Full HD resolution and Minecraft without Ray Tracing in HD resolution. It is clear how much ray tracing technology has improved spatial lighting.

Ray Tracing technology maximizes the response of objects to light with maximum accuracy. In addition, ray tracing technology makes it look very realistic not only in direct light, but also in the light reflected from objects. You can check out how Minecraft provides the highest graphics by watching the video below shared by Digital Foundry.

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