This Mod Turns GTA 5 Into A Different Game (Video)

Considering that GTA V is a 6-year-old game, we can understand that it would be meaningless to say that it is the best game on the market in terms of graphics. Especially when Rockstar has released a great game like Red Dead Redemption 2, both in terms of content and graphics.

Still, mod designer Pascal Glitcher thinks GTA V could have better graphics than it has. By injecting a ray tracing patch into the popular ReShade mod, Pascal Glitcher made GTA V have amazing graphics.


GTA V has a much more realistic indoor and outdoor look with ray-traced ReShade mode. Ray tracing completely changes the way sunlight interacts with objects, allowing the game to offer a much more realistic space.

Michael’s house, which has an enormous beauty, becomes much more vivid and realistic with ray tracing. In addition, super sports cars also receive light better thanks to ray tracing and have a more ostentatious appearance.

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