This Ridiculous App Analyzes and Scores Your Farts

Today, there is an application suitable for almost every request. However, some developers still manage to come up with strange applications that will make you say ‘it’s not that bad’. Fartr is perhaps the most interesting app you’ve ever seen.

An application called Fartr, developed by Fuori, analyzes your farts and gives you points. Yes, for some reason they felt the need to develop such an application. So how does this app analyze your farts? When you fart, you press the listen button of the application. The height, length and rhythm of your fart are analyzed. As a result, a point is awarded.

Fuori notes that the app can mix some wind instruments, such as the flute, and the artificial fart sound made by hand or mouth, with the actual fart sound. Moreover, if you trust your butt, you can share your results directly by e-mail or on social media. This ridiculous application, which claims to aim to break social taboos, is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The price is 2 dollars.

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