Those who see this fair do not pay the electricity bill!

With energy costs rising, businesses are looking for ways to lower their bills. Factories seeking sustainable and renewable resources and wanting to produce their own energy will be able to see the efficiency practices in the industry at the “Energy Producing Factories Summit and Exhibition” in Istanbul on October 5-7.

Energy bills, one of the biggest expense items of factories, are a thing of the past. Because factory investments that increase energy efficiency and produce their own energy are growing. According to the World Energy Council 2021 report, electricity, one of the expenditures made in the renewable global energy sector, continues to take the largest share, increasing by 5% this year. The Factories Producing Their Energy Summit and Exhibition, which will be held on October 5-7, 2021, brings together factory owners and operators who want to save energy in Tuzla.

Businesses that want to produce their own energy meet in Tuzla

The second of the Factories Producing Energy Summit and Exhibition, which made a great impression by meeting a great need in the first year it was held, will be held this year at Viaport Marina Expo Center on 5-7 October 2021. Many models that quickly pay back their investment with energy savings will be exhibited at the event and will be discussed in the panels. In the event, which will cover many comprehensive topics on how factories can consume energy efficiently and how energy-related incentives can be used, important issues such as models that pay back their investment with savings, low green energy technologies, and economical waterways will be discussed.

4 events in one

Along with the Energy Producing Factories Summit and Exhibition, Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition, Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition, Process Summit and Exhibition will also be held in the same area. Visitors will be able to see solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs in all production processes. Those who want to watch the events can request an invitation by registering at

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