TİİBÖR Ekofest’19 will be held in İzmir on 27-28 April

Turkish Economics and Administrative Sciences Student Society, of which students studying at 21 universities in Turkey are members, is organizing its first ecofest event in Izmir. There are participants from many sectors in the event, which the group has planned despite all the difficulties.

The event, where all students of all ages who are interested in management and management science can participate free of charge, will continue for two days. At the end of the event, which will host its participants in the Izmir Atatürk High School Conference Hall, an electronic participation certificate will be given to all participants.


The list of speakers to be included in TİİBÖT Ecofest’19 is as follows:

  • Coşkun Günaydın (Günaydın Logistics CEO)
  • Osman Elmalı (Proline PVC- General Manager)
  • Doğancan Karabudak (Youtuber – Gezgin)
  • Gürkan Hekimoğlu (Pınar Süt General Manager)
  • Murat Topal (Turkstat Responsible)
  • Hürriyet Uğurcan (Author – Speaker)
  • Ayşenur Elmalı (Psychologist)
  • Volkan Yörütken (Businessman- Speaker)
  • Ebru Sarpyıldırım (Ege Graphics Workshop General Manager)
  • Burcu Demirkapı (Pepsico Project Manager)
  • Okan Dedeoğlu (Dedeoğlu Information Technologies) – Boss)
  • Altan Çığırgil (Ege Plasder – Member of the Board of Directors)

The sponsors of the event include the Turkish Red Crescent, Pepsi Co. and of course there is also Webtekno.

All you have to do to join is to reach the Instagram account of the Turkish Economics and Administrative Sciences Student Community by clicking here and submit your information via DM.


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