Tips for Photographing People

It’s hard to be a third person in photos. When people you don’t know ask you to take pictures of themselves, you have to show off all your skills. So, what can we do while taking pictures of the three of us in person?

1. Count down:


So you can catch people posing in their ideal moments.

2. Find the right angle:


Of course, by not finding the right angle here, we don’t mean the right light, the right aperture setting like a professional photographer. . For example, taking a photo by descending towards the ground may not always be the right angle. It would be more accurate to take the picture from a relatively higher angle, especially if the background scenery is beautiful.

3. Determine the frame:


As we said before, if you’re not a professional photographer, it’s normal not to pay attention to details such as the right angle and the right light. However, there are small points that can be noticed in close and far shots. If you’re going to take a close-up photo, your focus should be on the person’s face and eyes. If you are going to take a wide-angle photo, you can make sure that you take the whole body of the person to be photographed.

4. Chin down a little, shoulders back a little:


As you can appreciate, the area under the chin, that is, the “jowl”, is seen in the photograph most of the time. it is not pleasant. Therefore, it is one of the important steps for a beautiful photograph that the person you are photographing is looking directly at you or tilting his head a little.

5. Give the owner of the pose a chance to control:

This is perhaps the most important item. It is the most important and most sincere step to show your friend or the person you photographed after taking the photo and have it checked. Most people will thank you for the kindness and say they like the photos anyway.

What kind of tactics do you use when taking pictures?

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