TOM Digital will expand the financing module developed by Architecht, starting with the A101s.

The interest in Fintech startups in Turkey continues to increase day by day. Many institutions from different sectors such as holdings, banks, retail and delivery companies have started to establish fintech companies. Turgut Aydın Holding, which includes important companies such as A101, Memorial and English Home and over 70,000 human resources, signed an agreement with Architecht for the technological infrastructure that will enable consumers to reach their needs more easily under the umbrella brand TOM (Technology of Money).

Architecht, which provides the technological infrastructure of many banks and financial institutions in Turkey and abroad, has signed an agreement with TOM, which aims to facilitate the lives of consumers and suppliers by providing financing services, to provide technological infrastructure for financial services. Turgut Aydın Holding, which aims to help consumers reach their needs more easily, started the process of obtaining a financing company license with TOM, which he founded. Holding announced that it chose Architecht as the strongest technology supporter in this important step taken to make the demands of consumers accessible. The Financing Module, developed by Architecht with high technology and security principles, will be expanded by TOM Digital throughout Turkey, especially in A101 stores, and will begin to serve customers.

Mücahit Gündebahar, General Manager of Architecht, gave his views on the subject and said:

“With the increasing interest in the fintech sector, companies such as Architecht that provide technological infrastructure have great responsibilities. We can offer our strong financial technology solutions, which we have created with our experience in the field of banking, to companies that focus on specific areas of the financial world, in a modular way according to the needs of these companies. Our cooperation with TOM Digital is the most important of this. TOM Digital, established within Turgut Aydın Holding, will expand the Financing Module developed by Architecht and make it available to a wide range of customers. Thanks to this module, TOM customers will not only be able to meet their needs with flexible payment options, but also will enable suppliers to carry out a more predictable supply process by offering them the opportunity to turn their receivables into cash. One of the most important groups of our country, one of the Turgut Aydın Holding companies, TOM’s financing system is fast and secure with Architecht technology. We are very happy that he has progressed in such a way.”

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