Tor Privacy Browser – Android Download

Privacy on the Internet is a very important issue for users. None of us want our data stolen or become a victim of fraud. Although operating systems and many internet browsers try to be sensitive about this issue, sometimes these grievances cannot be prevented. Regarding this issue, an internet browser that focuses directly on privacy has been used by internet users for years. Known as Tor Browser, this internet browser allowed you to browse the internet safely by hiding your identity completely. This internet browser has finally taken its place on the Google Play Store after a long wait.


If we take a closer look at the working principle of this scanner; When you send a request to a website, login attempts are made through different servers. Your information is encrypted in every attempt, so your privacy is ensured. In addition, although Tor seems healthy for users, it is more than suitable for all kinds of illegal transactions. This is why it is sometimes said to be risky.

Announced in September and completed, the Android version of Tor Browser is designed to provide all the privacy necessary for users to browse the internet securely. Although it has some differences compared to the desktop version, even attacks against fingerprint reader systems can be prevented in the Android version of Tor.

If you want to have a safe internet experience by downloading Tor Browser to your Android phone, you can download the application to your smartphone via the link below.

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