TP-Link Produces Wi-Fi Extender for Every Need

TP-Link stands out by offering users a wide variety of models in each product group. Developing products for different user types and needs, the company also has a rich family of Wi-Fi range extenders, which is one of the most used network products at home after modems, and this family is constantly growing.

Regardless of the size of the houses, many houses have the problem that the Wi-Fi signals cannot reach all parts of the house at the desired strength. The most common solution used to solve this problem is Wi-Fi range extenders. These products, which are generally used by plugging in, repeat the Wi-Fi signals they receive from the modem and transmit them to the other side of the house. These products, which are simple to install and use, are also economical solutions.

TP-Link currently has over twenty range extender models on sale in Turkey. Why are there so many model options in this product group, which is simple in function and easy to use? Because the needs of every user and every house are different. Models suitable for these different needs are developed and it is aimed to increase the satisfaction of the users by choosing the most suitable model for their needs.

Determining the network device according to the size of the houses, the number and type of devices connected to the network, and the nature of the applications made by connecting to the internet increases user satisfaction. This rule also applies to range extenders. For this reason, TP-Link has a rich choice, from models that offer 300Mbps wireless speed (802.11n) to models that can reach 1800Mbps with Wi-Fi 6 (AX) standard. In addition to speed, users are offered options in terms of antenna types. In a smaller house, if the signals do not need to be transmitted over a very large area, it is not necessary to choose a model with multiple external antennas, but on the contrary, the number of antennas and their mobility becomes important.

Choosing the right product will not only meet expectations and get the best out of the home network, but also make this investment longer term. For example, range extenders with new technology offer value for money by extending the lifespan. The existing range extender can continue to function in this new network type in cases such as the renewal of the home network, the change of the connection type, its strengthening, and the establishment of a Mesh network.

TP-Link’s range extender family also includes models with TP-Link OneMesh support. These models, which easily create a Mesh Wi-Fi network when used with a TP-Link OneMesh supported modem or router, provide advantages to users. Likewise, multi-mode ‘all-in-one’ range extenders can meet different network product needs in homes with a single device. For example, with models with access point feature, wired networks can be easily made wireless.

TP-Link’s rich range extender family offers users a budget option with prices starting from 20 USD.

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