Traffic Lights Predict Your Crossing

Most traffic lights have buttons for pedestrians. These buttons allow you to indicate to traffic lights that you are crossing the street and for vehicles to turn traffic lights red. At least that is the purpose of the working mechanism. Modern technologies do not need such analog systems.

A group of Austrian carmakers has developed a system that allows traffic lights to automatically detect if you want to cross the street. Using camera scanning technologies, this system continuously scans an area of ​​8×4.5 meters. When 1 or more people pause for a few seconds in this area, the system sends a command to the lamps.


One of the biggest advantages of the system is its flexibility. When a large group of pedestrians wants to cross the street, the green light can be extended for pedestrians, or the light can be turned directly to red when the pedestrian stops crossing. Privacy issues are also resolved, images never leave the system.

More importantly, this system has gone beyond being a research project. The company Günther Pincher will carry out the first trials of the system in the city of Vienna, and in 2020 the traffic lights will have a completely new system in the designated areas. There is still some time before the new technology starts to be used in our country.

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