Trailer for ‘King Shakir Recycling’ from Disney+

As of the past days, it has officially started its broadcasting life in Turkey. Disney+, domestic animated film ” King Şakir Recycling“The first trailer of the movie has been released. The published trailer has officially announced the release date of the production.

in our lives since 2016. King Shakir It has appeared in different forms over the years. King Şakir Recycling will be the newest of these productions. The movie, which will meet with the audience on Disney Plus, on 14 Julywill be available to all subscribers.

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King Şakir will save the world from garbage and aliens


The fate of Earth depends on them because they are great warriors.“When we look at the trailer shared with the description, we see that King Şakir and his friends are destroying our planet. from both trash and aliens We see that you will fight to save. King Şakir series, whose previous productions were also appreciated, also with the difference of Recycling movie and Disney+. will be appreciated by consumers.looks like.

Shared trailer for Kral Şakir Recycling:

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