TSMC Starts Producing 7nm+ EUV Processors

According to the statement made by TSMC, the company has started the production of 7 N+ EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) processor technology. The company also stated that the efficiency of the new processor is the same as 7 nm.

DigitTimes reported in February that the company would start production of the new processor by the end of March, but TSMC was delayed by two months. TSMC hasn’t said what product the first 7nm+ processors will be used with, but Huawei’s Kirin 985 could be built on top of 7nm+.


The processor will provide a 20 percent increase in transistor density and will offer 10 percent more performance than the first generation 7 nm. In addition, 7 nm+ will offer 15 percent lower power consumption.

The 7 nm+ isn’t the only processor in TSMC’s 7 nm portfolio. The company will introduce a second-generation 7nm processor this year, and will begin production of a 6nm processor next year. TSMC has announced that this year the 7nm processor capacity will be 150 percent higher than last year and will start mass production for 5nm processors in the first quarter of 2020.

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