Turkcell Introduces Artificial Intelligence Supported Yaani Voice Assistant

Voice assistants, which are artificial intelligence software with voice synthesis technology, are among the most popular digital services of recent years. Global services such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana have artificial intelligence support configured in English.

The language in which artificial intelligence is programmed is of great importance. For this reason, domestic investments and realized projects in this field have great value. Yaani voice assistant, which was introduced as part of Turkcell’s 10th traditional Technology Summit, was programmed on Turkish commands.


Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan, in the presentation of Yaani digital assistant, it was also said that the assistant can communicate with smart home appliances and applications such as Fizy. Apart from this, it also has features such as making an appointment from the hospital and ordering food. Also, thanks to machine learning, when you tell Yaani to “order home-cooked food”, “As usual?” gives the answer.


Yaani, which we saw for the first time as a search engine in 2017, now also has a voice assistant. Starting next week, e-mail support will also come to the platform. Yaani’s e-mail service providers, on the other hand, will not be involved in any foreign company located in Turkey.

Webtekno team continues to convey details from Turkcell Technology Summit….

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