Turkey’s game localization giant has invested 300 thousand Euros in the local game price comparison platform.

The Turkish gaming industry, which hosts a huge ecosystem with a player base of 40 million, is preparing to create new global stories. Turkey’s game localization giant 23 Studios will carry the domestic initiative to the global with its 300 thousand Euro investment in Enucuzoyun.com over a 1 million Euro valuation.

Gaming was one of the sectors that were affected by the balances that the coronavirus epidemic changed in social life. While the world game market grew by 9.3 percent in 2020, reaching a volume of 159 billion dollars, there was a serious acceleration in Turkey. According to Newzoo data, the sector, which had a size of 845 million dollars with 37 million players in 2019, reached a size of 1.14 billion dollars with 40 million players in 2020. This picture has also accelerated investments focused on foreign markets. Finally, 23 Studios, one of Turkey’s largest game localization companies, invested 300 thousand Euros in the local startup Enucuzoyun.com over a 1 million Euro valuation. Enucuzoyun.com, which is positioned as a game price comparison platform, is preparing to establish a global player community by going global with the investment it received from 23 Studios.

It will create a global player community with the Bestgameprice brand

Making a statement regarding the investment, 23 Studios Founder Semih Sancar said, “Enucuzoyun.com, which was founded by Oytun Şengül about 6 months ago to develop the game and player ecosystem in Turkey, managed to be loved in the ecosystem in a short time and has 3,000 unique users a day and 6 thousand active followers on social media. reached. Aiming to create not only a price comparison platform, but also a community of Turkish players, the platform offers a quality infrastructure with features such as price alerts, access to different content of popular games, and a content pool enriched with statistics such as who plays which games. Now, we will carry this ecosystem it has created to the global with the Bestgameprice brand. In this way, both in Turkey and around the world, players will be able to find everything they are looking for about the game, as well as follow, talk and contribute to the community with other players.”

It will make the Turkish game industry more influential in the world

Stating that as 23 Studios, they aim to take the Turkish game industry one step further in the international arena with this investment, Semih Sancar said, “We are working with global brands, including SEGA, Ubisoft, EA, CD Projekt and Netflix, and we are currently working on the localization of Playstation games. In addition to game localization, we also operate in game development and game publishing. With the strength we derive from our 12 years of experience in the global gaming industry, we took the first step of our plans to move the Turkish gaming industry and community forward with this investment. We believe that Enucuzoyun’s vision will make a great contribution to the Turkish player community. With the new breakthroughs we will make in the future, we aim to both bring the community together and make our country’s game industry more influential in the world.”

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