Turkish company competes with world giants in artificial intelligence and facial recognition

Although controversial, the world is moving towards a future where artificial intelligence-assisted facial recognition technologies are used more widely. In the face recognition technologies market, whose total market size is estimated to reach 16.7 billion dollars by 2030, a Turkish brand ranked in the top 10 by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology also surpassed world-famous technology brands, one more item to Turkey’s technology exports. adds.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies, the use of facial recognition technologies has increased in many areas, especially in security. Having a market size of approximately 5 billion dollars in 2021, the sector is estimated to reach 16.7 billion dollars by 2028. In this high-tech field, where world-renowned technology companies compete, a Turkey-based technology company that has come to compete with the world’s giants with its technologies such as data capture, face recognition and digital identity.

Hasan Cem Dertli, the Founder of Sodec, shared his evaluations on the subject and said, “As a software company that has been producing its own technologies and growing with its own resources since 2014, Sodec is competing with its competitors in the world in areas such as artificial intelligence, face recognition, voice recognition, remote authentication. We ranked in the top 10 worldwide in tests conducted by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). By leaving behind companies such as Canon, Toshiba and Samsung, we are working to make our country a country that exports software as well as game and defense technologies to the world.”

“The role of technologies such as face recognition will increase in the contactless future”

Stating that facial recognition technology has the potential to help conduct faster investigations, solve cases, stop and prevent crimes, Hasan Cem Dertli said, “We know that this technology, which saves time for security forces and increases accuracy while detecting criminals, will also become widespread in the future. Facial recognition is one of the first technologies to be used to give access to certain files, services and databases, after a period when the pandemic showed the need to use new technologies for fast and contactless access. Facial recognition technologies, which are currently used for identity verification in the aviation industry and speed up all pre-flight processes, are preferred in many sectors, including retail, in many areas from remote customer acquisition to payment systems, from on-site individual recognition to secure system login. The belief that these technologies will make the public sphere safer is also growing over time. For example, 68% of US citizens approve of facial recognition technologies on the grounds that it will make society safer. We, as Sodec, play a role in the digital transformation of the global business world and increase productivity with the technologies we have developed.”

Environmentally friendly and ethical technologies

Privacy and data security concerns and facial recognition technologies known to make biased decisions about skin color have been criticized by activists. Evaluating the criticism, Sodec Founder Hasan Cem Dertli concluded his statements with these words: “As in every technology, the important thing in the field of face recognition is the way it is used. If there is an ethical framework for the use of these technologies and they are subject to various regulations, there is no cause for concern. With the Data Capture technology we offer as Sodec, we can capture and process data such as images and audio produced by consumers. While our Data Redaction solution provides the chance to protect private files according to the GDPR standards of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, our Digital ID solution offers the most environmentally friendly solution by eliminating ID cards in the field of digital identity verification. By continuing to develop new technologies, we want to make Turkey one of the first countries that come to mind in fields such as artificial intelligence technologies and face or voice recognition.”

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