Turkish investors are preparing for the global league with financial game platforms

Giant technology companies traded in global markets marked their 2021 investments. Turkish investors also found the opportunity to invest with all their financial strength in global markets, with the experience they gained in financial game platforms. The increase in value of the world’s giant technology companies, reaching 70%, has brought Turkish investors to the global investment league.

While the world’s biggest brands increased their value in global markets in 2021, they also became the stars of investments. While Apple and Microsoft reached a market cap of $3 trillion, Tesla and Facebook’s parent company Meta also saw the $1 trillion milestone for the first time. According to data from Factset, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Tesla and Facebook added a total of $2.9 trillion to their market capitalization as of December 23, 2021. In the same period, one of the world’s largest global players, Apple gained 30%, Microsoft 50%, Alphabet 67%, Amazon 6%, Tesla 58%, Meta 20%.

Financial literacy before investing in world giants

Mehmet Kavi, CEO of Spot 212, which was developed with the support of Finlab, the Finance Technologies Innovation Center, stated that Turkish investors entered the race to buy shares from global companies that share the first places with global markets thanks to their experience in financial game platforms. For the first time since , it surpassed Amazon and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand. It rose as high as $182.86 in the first trading week of 2022 on Wall Street, making it the first American company to reach $3 trillion in market cap. With the effect of the pandemic, the value increases of up to 70% in the world’s giant technology companies are attracting investors. Investors have gained the advantage of taking advantage of opportunities in global markets by promoting financial literacy on financial gaming platforms.”

Investors gain the ability to trade in global markets

Mehmet Kavi, CEO of Spot212, stated that trading in global markets carries risks, as in all investments, and said, “With our financial gaming platform Spot212, we bring together many features that enable investors to gain experience before trading in global markets. On the platform, where we guide those who are new to the investment ecosystem, we offer investors the opportunity to trade easily without risk. Investors who improve themselves by taking warm-up tours on our platform can take their savings into the future by utilizing the opportunities in the global market. Investors gain the ability to trade easily in global markets with our user-friendly interface and dynamics that make trading easier.

Crypto assets await regulation

Pointing out that the global crypto money market, which exceeds 3 trillion dollars, continues to grow with the driving force of the pandemic, Spot 212 COO Rasim Cin said, “According to the research conducted by Invictus Capital, Turkey gets a 4.8% share from the global market with the share of crypto money investors. With this ratio, it is the 4th country with the most crypto money investors in the world. Investor rates are expected to rise further with the enactment of legal regulations regarding crypto assets. Investors who gain experience in gaming platforms before signing high-risk investments can put their real investments on the ground more.”

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