Turkish ranks 4th among the languages ​​in which the most website content is produced.

According to the report of We Are Social Digital 2021, which reveals the digital scorecard of the world including Turkey, Google has become the most visited website in the world. Turkish, on the other hand, was the 4th language in which the most website content was produced.

Vevo Media founder Mustafa Kıranatlıo, ​​who made a statement about the report, said, “Today, the number of active internet users worldwide has reached 4.6 billion people, which corresponds to more than half of the world’s population. Considering that people spend an average of 7 hours a day on the Internet, we can say that the Internet will cover a large part of our lives in the near future.

Expressing that digital transformation should be read well, Kıranatlıo said, “Taking into account that 92.6% of internet access is realized via mobile phones, we are faced with the fact that everything from education, marketing, advertising to entertainment is for mobile communication. The heart of education, commerce, advertising, in short, everything beats on the Internet. Firms, companies and individuals should position themselves according to this new situation.

Stating that the most used internet browsers are Chrome, Safari and Firefox according to the report, Mustafa Kıranatlıo said, “We see that Google, Youtube and Facebook are the three sites that are visited the most,” he said. Referring to the fact that Explorer, the first browser of the internet, could not enter the top 3, Kıranatlıo said, “We see that companies that cannot adapt to innovations and cannot meet people’s demands can be eliminated, even if they are the pioneers of the industry.”

Another prominent issue in the research is that Turkish is the 4th among the languages ​​in which site content is produced worldwide. However, Turkey is among the countries with the slowest cable internet speed, along with countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Morocco. Google is the undisputed world leader in the category of search engines with 91.4%. Google is followed by Bing with 2.7 percent and Yahoo with 1.5 percent.

Mustafa Kıranatlıo said, “The age range that uses social media the most is the age range of 25-34, the most used social networks are Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and Turkey is the 12th country that actively uses Facebook. We learn from the report. Many sectors, especially those working in the marketing and advertising sectors, need to carefully evaluate this information about the internet world. The report serves as a lighthouse for anyone who wants to draw a roadmap in the digital world.”

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