Turkish Students Produced Powerbank from Waste Batteries

Bursa Nilüfer İMKB Science High School students succeeded in turning the solid cell batteries of unused laptop batteries into “powerbanks” by going through a series of processes. The developers of the project are 10th grade students Emir Çavuş and Yiğit Kılıçarslan.

These young students participated in the GençBizz High School Entrepreneurship Program organized by the Young Success Education Foundation with their project called Yeşilbank. The students who were entitled to participate in the finals in the competition also founded a company called Port GençBizz.


The team, which started to work to produce powerbanks with their friends and advisor teacher, contacted the recycling units of various public institutions and asked for waste laptop batteries.

İbrahim Küçükhalıcı, the advisor teacher of the students, said, “After all, they sell their own portable chargers. We have seen a very serious demand in this direction. We could not keep up with the demands. We got very good, positive results. Both the entrepreneurial aspects of the children have improved and their productivity has improved.” said.

Saying that the powerbank they produced will definitely not explode, Yiğit Kılıçarslan said, “We want to contact recycling centers across the country. We want to collect all the batteries we can, turn them into portable chargers and sell them. Normally, the price of such devices is around 80-100 TL. We can get it at a much cheaper price.” said.

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