TURKSTAT Announces ‘Cause of Death’ Statistics in Turkey

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) announced the diseases that cause the most deaths in Turkey. Circulatory system diseases with 38.4%, benign and malignant tumors with 19.7% and respiratory system diseases with 12.5% ​​took place in the first three places of the list, as in previous years.


According to the provinces of residence, the provinces in which circulatory system diseases were the biggest cause of death in deaths due to diseases were Çorum with 48%, Denizli with 47.2%, Adana with 46.7%, Çanakkale and Afyonkarahisar with 46.2%, respectively. The provinces with the highest number of deaths due to benign and malignant tumors were Kırklareli with 24.6%, Istanbul with 23.8%, Van and Eskişehir with 23.2%, and Edirne with 23%.

Ischemic heart disease constitutes 39.7% of circulatory system diseases, which is the disease that takes the most lives in Turkey. It is followed by cerebro-vascular disease with 22.4% and hypertensive diseases with 8.3%, respectively. Larynx and trachea/bronchus/lung tumors caused the most deaths among tumor-related deaths.

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