TurkStat Announces the Number of Vehicles Registered for Traffic (May 2022)

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), regarding May 2022 motor land vehicles announced the results of his work. The disclosed data shows that there has been a decrease in the number of vehicles registered to the traffic last month, however; citizen who cannot buy a car to motorcycles you are heading comes into view. Let’s take a look at the research results, which present very interesting data.

According to the data announced by TURKSTAT, in May 2022 112 thousand 709 vehicles for traffic registration. This figure was 5.3% less than the previous month. When we categorize the vehicles with traffic registration in May among themselves; of vehicles automobiles account for 41.4%., 40.0% motorcycle, 10.2% pickup truck, 5.8% tractor, 1.9% truck, 0.3% minibus, 0.3% bus and 0.3% We see that 0.1% is made up of special purpose vehicles.

There are 25 million 704 thousand 749 vehicles roaming the streets.


According to TURKSTAT, registered to traffic as of the end of May 2022 25 million 704 thousand 749 vehicles exists. Of these vehicles, 54.2% were automobiles, 16.3% pickup trucks, 15.0% motorcycles, 8.0% tractors, 3.5% trucks, 1.9% minibuses, 0.8% consisted of buses and 0.3% of special-purpose vehicles. As can be seen, the number of pickup trucks and motorcycles in the traffic is no longer almost in sync.

Number of motorcycles in traffic, 109.9% higher than May 2021

The most important data announced by TÜİK is undoubtedly those related to motorcycles. So much so that the number of registered motorcycles, 109.9% higher than the same period of the previous year . It is not difficult to analyze why it is such a remarkable issue. Increasing fuel prices and the unavailability of cars, motorcycles reason for preference seems to have made it. By the way; Let’s say that the number of registered cars has increased by 21.6% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The most traffic records of Renault branded cars were recorded.


TurkStat, registered to traffic in May 2022 46 thousand 626 cars also researched on the basis of brands. According to the researches, we see that the most traffic records of Renault branded cars were registered last month. Here are the data announced by TÜİK:

  • Renault:16.2%
  • Fiat:14.8%
  • Volkswagen:12.8%
  • Toyota:7.1%
  • Hyundai:6.2%
  • Dacia:5.1%
  • Honda:3.8%
  • Mercedes-Benz:3.7%
  • Citroen:3.4%
  • Kia: 3.2%
  • Ford:2.8%
  • Skoda:2.7%
  • Audi:2.7%
  • BMW:2.5%
  • Nissan:2.4%
  • Opel:2.1%
  • seat:1.8%
  • Peugeot:1.7%
  • Volvo:1.3%
  • Cupra:0.5%
  • Other:3.2%

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