Turns out Some Python Libraries Are Stealing AWS Keys

Security researchers have discovered a set of Python libraries in the official third-party software repository designed to leak various AWS credentials.

from Sonatype According to Ax Sharma loglib-modules, pyg-modules, pygrata, pygrata-utilsand hkg-sol-utilslibraries were transferring credentials of AWS servers to a remote server.

Endpoints, which store hundreds of compromised information in TXT format, have not taken any measures to prevent anyone else from accessing it. Everyone could easily access and view this data with a high degree of confidentiality.

Other libraries using these dependencies were also indirectly affected, as malicious code was added to loglib-modules and pygrata-utils. Ax Sharma said he could not tell whether the stolen credentials were openly hosted on purpose or due to faulty OPSEC practices. The related Python packages were removed from PyPi immediately after the situation was understood.

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