Twitch’s Views Record Has Been Broken Once Again

You are aware of Twitch’s record of reaching the highest number of viewers, which was broken several times with publishers such as Elraenn and wtcn in our country. That record was broken again, but this time around the world. Made by a foreign Twitch streamer The number of views in the boxing event has reached astonishing levels.

The famous publisher named Ibai was boxing in a ring with a musical performance with various other content producers at this event called La Velada Del Año II. During this event He broke Twitch’s instant viewership record.

3.3 million people watched the broadcast of Ibai at the same time

In the Twitch broadcast by Ibai, Twitch’s worldwide instant viewership record was broken again. Ibai’s boxing event broadcast, which has 11.1 million followers on Twitch, is full at the same time. Viewed by 3.3 million people . The broadcaster with the highest number of views before Ibai was TheGrefg with 2,470,347 viewers, and he was broadcasting Fortnite.

Ibai’s only success wasn’t the most watched Twitch stream. Ibai currently has 11.1 million followers on Twitch became the fourth most followed channel . If you wish, you can watch the replay of the broadcast here.

Ibai is a Spanish broadcaster that usually does private events and Just Chatting, and its broadcasts are in Spanish, so If you don’t know Spanish, we can’t really recommend watching it. . What do you think about the new Twitch record? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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