Two Games with a Total Price of 23 TL on Steam Are Free

The best part of a game is when it’s free. Fearless Fantasy, developed by Divide By Sheep and Enter Skies, an independent production developed by Victor Solodilov and Denis Novikov, is currently available to players for free on Steam.


A game released in July 2015, Divide By Sheep is an adventure-oriented simple entertainment game that can be played in single-player mode. Fearless Fantasy, released in May 2014, is a simple but beautiful RPG game developed for action and adventure lovers.

Until now, Divide By Sheep was offered to players with a price tag of 10 TL and Fearless Fantasy with a price tag of 13 TL. Today, it is possible to add both games to your Steam library for free. To access Divide By Sheep’s store page , you can click here , to reach Fearless Fantasy’s store page , you can click here .

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