Two Major Changes Made to the Design of Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold revealed multiple issues shortly after it was submitted to tech editors in different parts of the world, and Samsung announced that it was collecting test devices it sent to the editors and delaying the Galaxy Fold’s release date. A new report from South Korea has revealed Samsung’s Galaxy Fold improvements.

Before explaining how Samsung has made a change on the Galaxy Fold, let’s remind you what kind of problem the device has. The biggest problem of the device is that the protective layer on the screen looks like a removable protective film and is extremely easy to deform. The second problem is that the hinge has such a loose structure that small objects such as dirt, dust, lint can get into it.


To solve the first problem that makes the device unusable, Samsung has inserted the ends of the protective layer on the screen into the body of the device. Thus, this layer will not have an exposed end that is suitable for removal. We hope that Samsung will support this design improvement with a warning that it will add to the boot of the device.

The second problem may not seem to affect the use of the device in the short term, but in the long run, dirt and dust accumulated inside the body and on the hinge will make it difficult to use the device. Samsung has created a temporary solution to this problem by minimizing the gaps in the hinge. Still, the company needs to develop a new hinge design for its second-generation foldable smartphone to offer higher resistance to dirt and dust.

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