Two New Features from WhatsApp to Delight Users

WhatsApp released the 2.19.151 update for the Android version and provided hints for two new features. The first of these features allows you to share WhatsApp statuses on Facebook Stories, while the other allows you to share your profile with other WhatsApp users using a QR code.

As you know, Facebook has announced that it plans to bring together WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram messaging services on a common infrastructure. It looks like Facebook wants these three apps to have maximum commonality, not just in messaging, but in feature.


With the new update, WhatsApp Statuses get a Share to Facebook button. When you tap this button, you will be able to share your WhatsApp statuses directly on Facebook Stories, just like on Instagram. The feature is not currently open to beta or stable version users.


Another feature coming to WhatsApp is profile sharing via QR code. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to create a QR code for your profile, just like on Instagram, and enable other WhatsApp users to scan this code and add you to their contact list. This feature can greatly delight WhatsApp Business users who want to reach more people. This feature is not yet available.

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