Two New Nintendo Switch Models In Production

Nintendoby E3 2019 During the fair, many games were announced. On the other hand, the company two new Nintendo Switch models Despite the rumors about him, he did not make any relevant statements. According to The Wall Street Journal’s claim, the production of these consoles has started in southeast Asia.

Nintendo’s production USAwith Chinesebetween trade war It is stated that he was transported out of China due to this reason. It is stated that the production of not only new models but also the existing model continues in this new location. The reason for this is shown as being prepared for new potential tariffs that the US may impose on products from China.

New Switch features Not much information is given about it. It is said that one of the two new models will have a similar appearance to the current model, only to be separated from each other in terms of hardware. The cheaper model is said to have a new look. In the cheaper model in previous rumors Joy-ConLet us remind you that it is suggested that there may not be, but that the controls may be integrated with the case.

It is also among the information that the company wants to start selling in the USA when it releases the game console by producing enough consoles. If you remember, Nintendo had a hard time meeting the demands for its current model in the first few months. As a result, the company does not want to face a similar situation. Let’s see, when will the new Nintendo Switch be introduced?

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