Uber Black Gets Silent Driver Feature

It is normal to have dialogues between passengers and drivers while traveling, there may be a certain amount of social interaction between two people. Some drivers, on the other hand, expect, “I can talk even if someone gets in the car,” and considers chatting along the way one of the necessities of their job. Some people like this situation, some people don’t like it at all.

Premium users of Uber’s Uber Black and Uber Black SUV will be able to choose how chatty they want their drivers to be before calling in their car. The free feature will have three options: “I prefer silence”, “I would be happy to talk” and “I have no preference” options. The choice the person will choose will also reach Uber drivers.


Uber’s new feature is thought to increase demand for the company’s more expensive services. It is thought that people who want to sleep on the road, make phone calls or relax in the car will turn to more expensive services. In other words, it’s a kind of “let me pay whatever it is, shut up bro” situation. On the other hand, this feature cannot force drivers to remain silent, it only lets them know the user’s preference.

Uber’s new passenger preferences feature allows users to shape their preferences before calling a ride. These preferences cannot be changed after the vehicle has been summoned. The bags option in the preferences shows that you have loads such as suitcases with you. It is also possible to prefer the interior of the vehicle to be warm/cold.

Uber Black drivers now have to wait 15 minutes when called by someone before canceling the call. On the other hand, after the 5th minute, the drivers will start to be compensated and in case of delay, the passenger will continue to be charged. Drivers will technically cancel the hold whenever they want.


Premium telephone support will be offered to Uber Black passengers. Uber will make sure that the drivers who will register for Uber Black have newer and nicer cars, the rules will be determined by the headquarters, not the centers in the countries.

Although there is no statement from Uber, these features are expected to be distributed to all international Uber services.

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