Ubisoft Employee’s Trolling Attempt Angers Players

Julian Gerighty, the creative director of Ubisoft, announced in a tweet last night that he is working with Ubisoft Montreal creative director Dan Hay and Roman Campos Oriola on a new Splinter Cell game.

As you can imagine, the announcement of the new Splinter Cell game attracted attention in a short time and received hundreds of retweets and was liked by thousands of people. In fact, Julian Gerighty shared another tweet half an hour after the first tweet, saying that he might be in trouble.

Ubisoft, on the other hand, was not too late to discourage the players. Stating that Julian Gerighty is someone who likes to joke and that his explanation is just a joke, Ubisoft said, “Our creative directors are having fun right now. We have nothing to announce.” said.

Although Gerighty just wanted to have some fun, the players’ reaction to this ‘prank’ was not positive at all. The players, who have been waiting for the new Splinter Cell game for a long time, did not laugh at the fact that they were mocked about it.

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