Ubisoft May Announce New Game At E3 2019

This rumor came from a twitter user named New_WabiSabi. The tweet says that the game, called Roller Champions, will be announced at “very likely” E3 2019. This rumor is certainly far from an official announcement, so it should not be approached with complete confidence, but there are also some leaks that the user has revealed before.

Regarding the features of Roller Champions, it is said to include skating and ball games. An image that emerges, which is supposedly the game’s logo, gives a little more insight into what style the game will bring.


There was another rumor stating that another Ubisoft game will be released at E3 2019. It is also expected that Watch Dogs 3 will be announced, fueled by the official Watch Dogs twitter account. Fortunately, E3 2019 is only a few weeks away. Gamers shouldn’t have to wait long to see if Roller Champions and Watch Dogs 3 are indeed in Ubisoft’s next E3 plan.

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