UNESCO’s Report on Sexism in Voice Assistants

In a report published by UNESCO, it was announced that there are sexist attitudes in voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. According to the published report, the attitudes of voice assistants towards male users lead people to think that women have a flirtatious and submissive personality in the eyes of people.

It was stated that UNESCO was asked to examine this issue from researchers and that such a situation actually existed as a result of the investigations.


Especially Amazon and Apple came to the fore in the studies. Research shows that assistants display shy and sometimes encouraging attitudes towards men who engage in explicit conversations with them. This is stated as an important point in the report and forms the basis of the report. Accordingly, voice assistants are seen as docile assistants for male users, and this determines the place of women in the mentality of men.

The reasons for this situation were included in the report published by UNESCO. It was stated that the high number of male engineers in the artificial intelligence units of Apple and Amazon may have caused such a situation, that companies should give more space to women in this regard, and that the genders of the voices used in voice assistants should be changed if possible.

UNESCO officials, who also made statements other than the published report, stated that women in many societies are obedient and tolerant, and that they will tolerate situations such as harassment, which may reinforce this wrong perception.

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