Univera will introduce the next generation business solution platform Varuna on November 17

While the search continues to close the gaps in field operations in security, data collection and sharing during the COVID-19 process, permanent solutions came from Univera. Izmir-based domestic technology company will introduce Varuna, which has emerged with the latest software development technologies, with its online launch on November 17.

The security and cost advantages offered by cloud-based solutions increase the demand for field service management solutions. Industry research predicts that the global field service management market will reach $5.1 billion in 2025, with a compound growth rate of 13% each year. İzmir-based technology company Univera brings a new dimension to the market by bringing its 30 years of experience in digitizing sales, service and logistics business processes to Varuna, a highly productive software development platform (HpaPaaS).

In the written statement made by Univera about the launch to be held on November 17, there is information that a cloud-based software for field service operations has been developed with the new cloud platform Varuna, which was prepared with a 4-year R&D study, and that they will make a very ambitious entry into the market with this innovation. . Varuna provides ease of end-to-end management and speed by transferring the business processes of all users involved in field processes to the digital environment.

They will carry Varuna’s claim to the launch with the space theme

In the statement, it was stated that Varuna’s claim was carried to the launch campaign with the theme #AnotherDimension, and it is stated that the innovations that Varuna will bring in many areas from business management to service channels and field management will be explained at the launch. Those who want to participate in the event that will be held online under the moderation of Simge Fistikoğlu, simply fill out the registration form at www.varunalansmani.com.

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