Up to 20% Discount on XPG RAMs

Producing ready-made systems, components and peripherals for gamers, esports and tech enthusiasts XPG,It continues to offer campaigns that will delight users with discounts of up to 20% on DDR RAMs.

The first of XPG’s next-generation DDR5 memory XPG LANCERper second, increasing the bandwidth per processor core. 5200MT It can reach speeds of up to . Thus, it provides performance increase in games and other applications.   on Inventusin the ongoing campaign XPG LANCER 16 GB DDR5 RAM for 2795 TL with 20% discount  you can reach

Produced with the highest quality chips and PCBs, with a speed that can reach 4133Mhz and superior stability XPG SPECTRIX 16GB D50 DDR4 RGB RAM, 7% discount from Hepsiburada for 1254.90 TLyou can buy.

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