Updating Google Chrome for Malicious Sites

Both crypto-mining sites and websites containing malware can capture the user as soon as they are entered. No matter how many times they press the back button, the only way to get rid of this situation is to close the tab for users who return to the same page. Google, on the other hand, is updating its web browser Chrome very soon against these malicious websites.


The problem of “back button not working” that we have been encountering on the internet for almost 15-20 years; It was causing unwanted pages to be opened, videos or downloads to start and, accordingly, our computer to be out of control. For this, malicious websites would interfere with your “history” and replace your previous internet entries with their own internet address.


The first solution for HTML5, which allows malicious people to perform this event with the “pushState” (redirect to link) command, came from the developers of Chromium in November 2016. Google will implement this solution in its own web browser, Chrome. After the next update, Chrome will ignore the “pushState” command if users do not click on any link on the page.

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