US Expects EU Countries to Ban Huawei

There is a serious trade war between the USA and China. In this war, both countries are in search of allies. The US believes that countries in Europe will align itself with it.

A news published in Bloomberg also revealed the expectations of the USA. According to an unnamed government official, the US predicts that many other countries will not work with the Chinese manufacturer on their newly developed 5G infrastructure. According to the same official, Huawei is not completely banned.


Although the official did not name any country, it is known that the USA directed its western allies to take a common stance against Huawei. The US sees links between Huawei and the Chinese government as a security threat. According to US officials, China can use Huawei’s 5G infrastructure to its advantage in the future, making it a trump card.

Therefore, according to US officials, the EU should support the US decision to ban infrastructure work for Huawei. More support would certainly benefit the United States in its trade wars. At this point, Huawei is seen as the company that remains in the firing line.

Huawei is currently the world’s largest provider of telecom equipment, and many western countries are using the company’s technologies, including the United States. Huawei is now preparing to work on 5G infrastructure around the world, but some countries have already banned Huawei.


The US-Huawei war has intensified over the past week. The US declared a national security emergency against foreign technology companies and blocked Huawei’s deals with the US. US companies operating in China are anxiously awaiting the reaction of China to them.

Google also took a position on the side of the US government and announced that it would stop providing Android support to Huawei.

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