US Female Astronaut Will Be The Longest Woman In Space

Christina Koch, who took part in the International Space Station, will stay on the station until February and will spend approximately 11 months on the station. Koch, who landed on the station last month, shared that he knew ahead of time that his stay in space could extend into 2020 and that it was an excellent experience. While

won’t be able to break Scott Kelly’s record of 340 days, Koch will be able to break the women’s record of 288 days. Currently, the record holder is held by retired astronaut Peggy Whitson.


Along with Christina Koch, another NASA astronaut named Andrew Morgan will be extending the space visit. Morgan, which will land on the space station this summer, is thought to stay on the station for 9 months to complete its mission. Considering that the average astronaut has about 6 months left, we can say that Koch and Morgan have undoubtedly achieved great success.

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