US Proposal to Make Human Fertilizer Accepted

The US state of Washington made history as the first state to allow a method called human fertilization. In this method, the bodies of dead people are used by turning them into fertilizer.

The proposal passed the state legislature last month. State Governor Jay Inslee signed this bill, making human fertilization law.


The human fertilization method is being suggested as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the incineration method, which is often used in the US society. Proponents of the method say that this way, regions that have trouble with burial places will also have an environmentally friendly solution. The soil obtained at the end of the process will be delivered to the relatives of the deceased and this soil can be used to grow plants.

Reminding the line “Now you will die, you will become soil, a flower will grow in that soil” in the bandit movie, lobbyists argue that human fertilization is more sustainable. Katrina Spade, one of the lobbyists, said: “The ‘reuse’ of the human body is a more natural, safe and sustainable option than embalming, burial or cremation. It can also provide great savings in carbon emissions and land use.


In this method, the corpses are kept in a container filled with alfalfa, wood chips and reeds for about a month. In this process, the dissolved corpse turns into two wheelbarrows of earth.

This method is legal in Sweden, while methods such as burial of the body without a coffin or in biodegradable coffins are allowed in the UK. We have a shroud application and the corpses are mixed with the soil in a very short time. The fact that the tallest trees grow in cemeteries may give us a clue as to whether the method really works.

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