US Wants South Korea to Ban Huawei, Too

The United States, which bans Huawei from forming partnerships with American companies by commercially blacklisting it, wants its allies to impose similar sanctions against the Chinese mobile technology giant. According to the news published by a South Korean newspaper, the United States began to pressure its East Asian ally South Korea to ban Huawei products.


That’s not all. A US State Department official said at a meeting with South Korean colleagues that services using Huawei equipment in sensitive areas in South Korea should not operate. The official stated that South Korea should expel Huawei if not now.

The main target of the USA in South Korea is the local operator LG Uplus, which uses Huawei equipment. The US thinks that LG Uplus uses Huawei equipment, so it may pose a spying risk, so its services should be limited. Following the emergence of these claims, LG Uplus shares recorded a serious decline.

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