Value-driven social media platform deleted thousands of worthless content

Although social media platforms have shaped our communication styles to a great extent since the day they were established, the lifestyles that dominate these channels and the effects of harmful content on mental health have been the subject of discussion. This has inspired initiatives that offer safe spaces free from content pollution, free from bullying and malicious users.

Although social media platforms that bring people together digitally make our lives easier in many ways, their effects on mental health and psychology of users are always a matter of discussion. In the studies conducted on the subject, it is seen that the effects of social media platforms on the perception of beauty and lifestyle cause negative effects, especially in adolescents. In a study by the Youth, Media and Well-being Research Laboratory, it was found that 21% of young people felt bad after spending time on social media, and half of them cited their bodies as the reason for these feelings. Another study conducted by Cambridge and Oxford Universities found that young people aged 16-21 who used social media for 7 hours or more had a decrease in life satisfaction.

Islam Faisal, Founder and CEO of the value-oriented social media platform Touchapp, who shared his assessments on the subject, said, “In current social media platforms, fake lifestyles that are not beneficial for communities and future generations prevail. Touchapp, which we announced at the end of last year with its value-oriented social communication approach, gives its users the chance to exchange experiences depending on their interests. “We’ve recently removed over 2,500 content because it doesn’t conform to our community values ​​and doesn’t benefit users.”

Social media use decreased to 5 years old

Pointing out that the use of social media among adolescents and younger age groups has increased by at least 17% in the past few years, Islam Faisal said, “In the report prepared by the UK communications regulator Ofcom, it is stated that almost all children (99%) access the internet via mobile devices or tablets. . It is seen that the majority of children under the age of 13 have an account on at least one social media platform, while 33% of the 5-7 age group has an account on one. When this is the case, what content and under what conditions children and young people access becomes a greater concern for parents. Touchapp brings together those who share their common life views and want to improve themselves, with the posts made by users with similar interests. In this way, we offer a social communication channel that is free of negativities and content that does not benefit personal development, and that adds value to the society with quality content.”

Cyberbullying affects everyone

Touchapp Founder and CEO, Islam Faisal, emphasized that cyberbullying, which is defined by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as “bullying in social media, messaging platforms and video games with the use of digital technologies”, affects not only children but also people of all ages. He ended with the words: “At Touchapp, we give every user the opportunity to build their communities in a way that increases the value of social communication, by providing unique tools to prevent all forms of bullying, racism, destructive criticism and controversy. We promise our users a safe space that expands with quality and valuable content instead of time-wasting useless content, aiming to protect everyone, especially children and young people, from bullying and harmful content. With a clean platform where users can share their thoughts, produce videos and ask questions, we aim to spread our story that started in Turkey globally and reach different users from all over the world.”

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