Valve Will Build Its Own Version Of Dota Auto Chess

Dota 2’s very popular mode, Dota Auto Chess, will soon turn into two new games. In the statement made on Valve’s blog, it was stated that the mod was highly appreciated by Dota 2 developers and the company invited Drodo Studio, which produced the mod, to discuss how they could work together.


While for some reason the two teams decided not to work together, it was announced that both teams would make their own games. The two sides started their work by stating that they would support each other “to the end”. Drodo is currently working on a game independent of Dota, and the game is currently in beta. To help the team, Valve has migrated the accounts of existing Dota Auto Chess players to the new version. Meanwhile, Valve is working on its own version of Dota. The firm says it has received Drodo’s blessing.

There is not much information about the game at the moment, but according to the blog post, more will be announced on the subject soon.


Dota became popular after appearing as a fan-made map in Warcraft III and later became the forerunner of games like League of Legends and the Moba genre in general. (Previously, there were 3 corridors, again it was the Warcraft III map.) The Dota team also got their own products with Dota 2. So we are faced with a side game of a side game that comes out of a game. In a nutshell, we all came out from under the coat of Warcraft III.

What are your thoughts on Dota 2 Auto Chess? Do you think Valve or Drodo will reveal a more remarkable game?

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