Vertical Mouse Expected to Bring a New Breath to FPS Games

Gaming equipment is advancing day by day. More functional, faster mice, mechanical and, in the famous phrase, illuminated keyboards, headphones with advanced sound engineering have filled the market. Chinese manufacturer Ragnok, on the other hand, plans to transform mice into a whole new way for FPS games.


This new vertical mouse looks and feels like a pistol grip. Based on the Desert Eagle, a famous pistol model, the design also includes a trigger button. Ragnok suggests that the mouse is quite realistic in look and feel. The device resembles a joystick rather than a mouse.

The main button of the product called Musegun is located on the front and is used just like a gun trigger. The mouse wheel is located on the back of the device. Although the device looks like it is standing still, it can be moved like a conventional mouse.

The highest sensitivity supported by the mouse is 3200 DPI:


The purpose of the design of the mouse, of course, is to produce a more realistic feel in games that involve shooting. Still, the company says this product is more ergonomic than regular mice.

This device, which can be used with the right or left hand, has a wireless connection, is powered by an 800 mAh rechargeable battery. Mousegun will be available on indiegogo. Those who order early will be able to get the product for $ 59. The price of the product when it is released will be 118 dollars.

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