Video of Two 3D Printer Robots Collaborating

While it’s interesting to run a 3D printer on the platform as a robot, it’s even more impressive to see two robots synchronously printing a large object together. AMBOTS posted a video on Twitter demonstrating this.

The robots in the video have omnidirectional wheels and appear to be SCARA robots with an articulated structure. They also seem to interact with some sort of active tabletop to aid in positioning. AMBOTS claims that the same idea can be used for assembly work like pick and place and other similar work, and the video is definitely a proof-of-concept for cooperative 3D printing.

Having a more free structure than standard 3D printers, SCARA robots can produce models in a much larger area. This technology is thought to pave the way for many more 3D robots to work on a single project at the same time in the coming years.

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