Virtual Reality Used for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s

In a study by the University of Cambridge, Alzheimer’s disease can be detected early, much better than today’s ‘gold standard’ diagnostic methods, thanks to a virtual reality mission.

Mild cognitive impairment is one of the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s. However, this is not always a sign of Alzheimer’s because it can also occur depending on the age of people. Thanks to the navigation test, this virtual reality program can find out whether cognitive impairment is due to age or Alzheimer’s.

vr alzheimers 1

Researchers developed a virtual reality navigation test to test whether a person’s entorhinal membrane is damaged. In the tests performed, 45 patients with cognitive impairment were examined. Cerebrospinal fluid samples were taken from all subjects to test for Alzheimer’s-related biomarkers, and 12 of the subjects responded positively to these biomarkers.

After testing, the researchers observed that biomarkers of all cognitive impairment patients with Alzheimer’s performed worse than others. In addition to potentially helping clinics diagnose Alzheimer’s patients early, the researchers think the test will prove critically important in future Alzheimer’s treatments.

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