Voice Assistants Understand Men Better Than Women

Voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri continue to grow in popularity day by day. According to a study, it was revealed that voice assistants can understand male voices much better than female voices. “Are voice assistants sexist?” After the question was raised, the authorities made statements. It was stated that the situation had nothing to do with sexism.


The research was conducted by asking the same question to 1,000 voice assistant owners in England. Users were asked if their voice assistant apps understood them. According to the responses received, 67 percent of women and 54 percent of men stated that voice assistants ‘sometimes’ did not understand them. In contrast, 46 percent of men stated that their assistants never or rarely understood them. According to women, the rate of this situation is 32 percent.

The same survey also asked how polite users were to their voice assistants. The result was that users were generally rude to their assistants. 45 percent of users were kind to their voice assistant, and the vast majority of them were women.

After the research results were shared with the public, explanations came from the authorities. Making statements on the subject, Delip Rao, CEO of R7 Speech Sciences (a company that develops artificial intelligence on speech sciences), explained that the situation has nothing to do with gender, this problem is caused by technological problems. In his statements, Rao stated that such a problem is experienced because female voices are much more diverse than male voices, but this situation can be eliminated by using voice assistants.

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