Volvo’s Mobile App Will Now Do ‘Accident Advisory’

Volvo, which generally comes to the fore with its robustness, also closely follows mobile technologies. Volvo, which already has a mobile application, has added a new feature to this application. Thanks to this application, in which telematics technology was used, users were already able to access information about their vehicles from their phones. In addition, in the event of a malfunction, they could connect directly to the Volvo center via this program. Thanks to the new feature, Volvo users will be able to get help on what to do by connecting to the relevant center during an accident.


The vehicle owner, who goes to the ‘Accident Advisor’ section from the mobile application, first reports the injured status, and then a link is sent with the help of the operator. Thanks to this connection, the vehicle owner enters all the necessary information into the system without making a mistake with the shock of the accident. The owner of the vehicle, who takes a photo of his vehicle, states how the accident happened and the address, sends this information directly to the insurance company. If the vehicle owner wishes, he can reach the nearest repairmen with the help of the Accident Advisor.

It was already known that Volvo cares about its customers. With this feature brought to its applications, Volvo has once again demonstrated this.

If you’re a Volvo owner, you can find Volvo’s mobile app below.

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