VPN Services Relieve Your Worries on Social Media

In a study conducted by a research team at the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, people’s behaviors in social media were categorized under 4 headings: unethical behavior, ethical behavior, disclosure of financial information and disclosure of personal information.

Researchers recruited paid volunteers from Amazon Mechanical Turk to study their online behavior in a cafeteria, a university, and a home. Some of the volunteers exhibited these behaviors while using a VPN service.


Of course, the results were as you can imagine: People using VPN service behaved unethically on social media because their actual location could not be found, and they could easily share their information. Other volunteers, on the other hand, acted more nervously in their every move since their locations were known and did not easily share their information with internet sites.

The results of the research came after VPN provider NordVPN was criticized by regulators for the UK advertising industry. As a result; It has been proven that public Wi-Fi makes people feel insecure and they don’t share their information.

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