Ways to Start a Business in the UK with the Ankara Agreement Visa

According to the Tech Nation 2018 Report, the IT industry in the UK is worth £184 billion. In addition, the IT sector in the country continues to grow 2.5 times faster than other sectors. Taking part in such an active market and rapidly developing sector is much easier than originally thought for Turkish entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the UK. Because, with a visa obtained thanks to the Ankara Agreement, the official ways to move your enterprise to England and to make an attempt there again have been laid before you.

Moreover, it is not only a necessity for your business to be in the IT sector. You can establish and expand new generation solutions with your own brand in the UK, in the rapidly growing design and marketing fields associated with the IT industry. Every Turkish citizen over the age of 18, who is active in many modern professions, can apply for the Ankara Agreement visa.


The average annual earnings of people operating in the IT sector in the UK are between £30,000 and £40,000. Those who develop their personal knowledge, skills and abilities can earn 2 or 3 times the wages.

According to current data, the average earnings of IT sector workers in the UK are as follows:

You can find out whether the business you want to establish in the UK is within the scope of the Ankara Agreement visa application, by contacting CSS Legal consultants who are specialized in this field.

So what are the basic requirements for starting a business in the UK?


People who are already in the UK with visa types such as UK Tourist Visa, UK Settlement Visa, UK Student Visa, UK Marriage Visa, UK Working Visa can also apply by seeing the job potential. Apart from this, you do not have to be there to start a business in the UK, nor do you need to have been to the UK before.

Ankara Treaty Visa application requirements have different characteristics from the UK’s point-based visa types (Tier-2 General Working Visa, Tier-5 Temporary Work/Work Visa etc.). Especially by contacting a specialist company in UK visa applications and getting consultancy, a positive result can be obtained in Ankara Agreement visa applications. CSS & Co Legal ServicesIt has expert staff who can help you with the application process, so getting your visa can become even easier.

With the Ankara Agreement Visa, which does not have a capital lower and upper limit, you can determine your capital according to the work you will do, your financial capabilities and the method of the business you want to establish (opening a business, establishing a partnership, etc.). You can determine the way you work from home (home office), mobile (freelance), opening a business, partnering with an existing business, taking over any business and many more.

You don’t need to prove your English grammar level with any exam:


Of course, you must have a command of English at the level required by the job you intend to do in England so that you do not have problems in communication. For example; While technical English is sufficient for the programming languages ​​that mobile software experts, web software experts, desktop software experts and game development experts will use; Software design analysis specialist, software consultant specialist, social media specialist, software sales representative and technology product sales specialists are required to know more advanced English because their profession is customer-oriented. Even in this case, there is no limitation on the level of English proficiency. Those who are considering taking English language education are under the same roof with CSS Legal. Student Portal InternationalThey can talk to the company about language schools in England.

It is very important to document that you have the knowledge and equipment in the profession you will do, with the documents you will put in your application file. Whether diplomas, training or internship certificates, vocational courses; and documents such as reference letters that you will receive from the workplaces you have worked for before are the factors that strengthen the application. Adding your diploma, education or work experience or both to the application file ensures the maximum success of the application result.

Regardless of which occupational group you are applying for in the IT sector, you need to prove to the visa officer that you have the potential to earn money from the job you will establish. After deducting all work and workplace expenses, the remaining income should be able to cover the living expenses of both the visa holder and their dependents, if any. In addition, individuals who start a business in the IT sector must have customers as real people. You can prove this with documents such as agreements with customers, contracts, e-mails or correspondence showing that customers have been contacted. You can carry out your business not only on a customer basis, but also by developing projects or as a partner in projects. You can find your potential clients and projects in the IT industry at worksome.co.uk, jobs.theguardian.com, indeed.co.uk, upwork.com, peopleperhour.com, reed.co.uk, freelancer.co.uk, totaljobs.com, glassdoor .co.uk, jobsite.co.uk etc. There are many platforms available. However, these sites are not completely specific to the IT sector, and they also host projects from other sectors.

You can do research on these and similar sites for projects that can be worked on a freelance or contractual basis.

What should be included in the application file to be prepared to start a business in the UK?


It is necessary to prepare a logical and realistic business plan that includes documents such as market and price research, competitor analysis, cash conversion tables, balance sheets and projections, profit-loss calculations that should be included in the application file. Business plans should be a very detailed and long document that includes information on how to start a business and the desired profession, people’s abilities, living standards and sustainability of the business. If the business plan of the applicants is not realistic and specific to the individual, the likelihood of visa refusal will increase. CSS Legal also informs applicants about the preparation of the business plan, which requires interpretation, analysis and detailed examination. This increases your chances of getting the visa.

Individuals who will start the Ankara Agreement visa application procedures must first decide which job they will do and which working method (home office, mobile, opening a workplace, establishing a partnership, taking over the business) they will do this job. Then, they can start the application process in the area of ​​the UK Ankara Agreement visa, collecting the necessary documents for the application file. The documents required for the UK Ankara Treaty visa applications vary according to the living standards of the applicants and the job they want to establish. CSS Legal informs the owners with its consultants specialized in Ankara Agreement visa application documents.

According to the job and profession to be established, the application documents must include diplomas, certificates, training documents and reference letters from previous workplaces. At the same time, steps such as carefully preparing the business plan, filling out the necessary application forms, writing a petition will be completed, and the application file should be finalized. Applicants should make an appointment with the application centers on the appropriate day and time. Then, for applications made in the UK and Turkey, they have to submit their files with an appointment made at the application centers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya and Gaziantep. After the biometric information (photo, fingerprint and eye scan) of the applicants is received, the entrepreneurs go to the waiting period.

Applications from the UK are concluded within an average of 6 months, while applications from Turkey are concluded between 3 and 12 weeks:


As it is given to everyone who applies for the Ankara Agreement visa, a 1-year visa is given to the IT specialists. Afterwards, the visa officer examines various issues such as establishing and running the business you mentioned in the first application, and being able to meet your living expenses by earning money; It can grant the right to extend the visa for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. People who have completed a total of 5 years with the UK Ankara Agreement visa extension applications can apply for permanent residence in the UK. Individuals who have completed 6 years in total after living in the UK with at least 1 year of permanent residence can apply for British citizenship.

In addition to all these, the Ankara Agreement visa holder cannot benefit from state social benefits during the first 5 years of his stay in England. Since the requirements and application documents for permanent residence and UK citizenship applications are different from each other, getting support from CSS Legal UK visa experts can make the whole process easier.

Spouses and children under the age of 21 of those who want to apply for the Ankara Agreement visa also have the right to live in the UK. The spouse and children over the age of 16 of the main visa holder can work in any workplace as a worker. At the same time, these people have the right to receive education and to benefit freely from health services.Individuals with Ankara Treaty visa can start their own business in the UK with this visa type. they have to . Persons should not work for another company. If such a situation is detected, problems may arise in UK visa applications in the future, and they may face a rejection decision in Ankara Agreement visa extension applications.

So, what are the reasons for the rejection of the visa application?


Individuals who receive a UK visa refusal can apply for a visa repeatedly with the psychology of being denied, and even get a visa application ban in addition to the visa refusal. Among the reasons for visa refusal for the UK, there may be issues such as inadequate living standards of the applicants, failure to meet the conditions required by the type of visa applied, and missing documents in the application file. The reasons for UK visa refusal can be largely eliminated by making the application process with experts in the field. If you apply for a visa over and over again with the psychology of being denied a visa to the UK, your chances of encountering a visa application ban will increase in addition to the visa refusal.

The reasons for rejection in Ankara Agreement visa applications vary according to the job of the applicant and the documents in the application file. If there is any doubt before the visa officer that you cannot meet the application requirements, you may face a UK visa refusal. There are two ways of appealing for individuals who are denied Ankara Agreement visa. One of them is administrative review and the other is re-consideration application. When you think that the reasons for visa refusal are unfair and unwarranted and that you actually meet the application requirements, you can request a re-evaluation of the documents you prepared in the first application. You can apply for an administrative objection by writing the necessary petition or defense for this. If a visa refusal is given due to an overlooked information in the evaluation of UK visa applications, a document that has not been evaluated, a re-evaluation application can be made by preparing the petition and defense regarding the objection in accordance with the necessary terminology, and adding the additional information and documents that will be requested to be evaluated. Contrary to the administrative objection, new information or documents cannot be added to the application file in the re-evaluation application.

For the proper management of this entire process, before making your attempt CSS Consulting It is very important to get information from experts. Because you can increase your chances and prevent possible setbacks.

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