We Connected Galaxy S10+ to Drone and Shot!

When we buy a new phone, there are the main elements we look at. Although the battery, RAM and processor of the phone are very important, there is one point that many of us especially look at: the phone’s camera.

Smartphone cameras, which have recently become a big race, are trying to increase the competition by producing different features. High-resolution lenses from different companies and brands, as well as different shooting modes, are enough to piss things off. Of course, it’s not just about taking pictures. There is also a video part of the work.

When you examine the video quality of the phones, the frame per second, in other words, the fps value is one of the most prominent features. This factor, which seriously affects the fluency, becomes directly related to your video shooting experience. Of course, when we say fluency, it is of great importance how stable the image is.

We wanted to test how functional the “Image Stabilizer” feature is for you, while we have caught the beautiful weather of Izmir and we have a drone and a Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Attention viewers: The footage you are about to watch features high engineering techniques as well as superior flying abilities and gulls.

We wish you a good time in advance.

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