We learned from cyber attacks in the pandemic

While the importance of cyber security awareness is increasing day by day, it is seen that users in Turkey are on the way of self-development in this area. According to the results of the Berqnet Turkey Cyber ​​Security Awareness Survey, awareness of phishing attacks increased by 15% this year. Berqnet General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu said, “We have a long way to go on cyber security because the majority of people who say ‘Nothing will happen to me’ are still in the majority.”

The increased use of the internet during the pandemic has opened new doors of opportunity for cyber hackers all over the world. Especially companies that switched to remote working order and their employees were the target of cyber attacks. While a similar picture is watching in Turkey, domestic cyber security products manufacturer Berqnet tested the knowledge level of users with the Turkey Cyber ​​Security Awareness Survey, which it organized for the second time this year. The company, which determined that 80% of internet users in Turkey were unconscious about cyber attacks last year, announced that this year the level of attention increased and the awareness especially for phishing attacks increased by 15%.

We are 30% more conscious about creating strong passwords

According to the results of the test, which was prepared within the scope of the research and in which more than 500 people, half of whom were private sector employees, this year, users made progress in creating strong passwords compared to the previous year. The rate of correct answers to the test question for strong passwords increased by 30% compared to 2020. However, half of the participants still had weak awareness of strong passwords. Another issue that needed to be raised awareness in Turkey was the security of common wireless networks. To the question on the subject, 20% of the participants answered that it is safe to make digital banking transactions from partner networks.

SMEs are still unaware of their legal obligations

The research organized by Berqnet also shed light on the level of awareness about legal obligations. Responses to the questions showed that no progress was made in this regard compared to last year. Accordingly, nearly 50% of the participants are unaware of the KVKK and the law no. 5651, which are the most important legal obligations. SMEs are among the segments that are not aware of their legal obligations. According to the answers given to the related question, half of the SMEs do not have enough information about who is responsible for the fines.

“We still have a long way to go for cybersecurity awareness”

Evaluating the results of the research they organized, Berqnet General Manager Hakan Hintoğlu said, “Although we are not yet sufficiently aware of phishing attacks, it is pleasing to see an improvement compared to last year. It is possible to say that the attacks and attacks, which have increased with the effect of digitalization, which has accelerated in the pandemic, have increased the attention levels of people. On the other hand, the mass that says ‘Nothing will happen to me’ is still in the majority. This means that we still have a long way to go for cybersecurity awareness. The contribution of the institutions in the public and private sectors in this regard is very valuable. As Berqnet, we have been working to meet the cyber security, legal compliance and internet management needs of both individuals and businesses with our firewall product family since 2015. In addition to these, we aim to create a more conscious society with our social responsibility projects such as Cyber ​​Security for All, which we have prepared and carried out for the benefit of the public without any income expectation.”

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